Who is Hannah?

Hannah Noble

Hello to you who is reading,

Welcome – My name is Hannah Noble and I am the creator of the Facebook group Keto New Zealand.  You might be reading this letter as someone just interested in the group, or someone who wants to work with me or I have no idea why, but it’s lovely to meet you. This is a CV of sorts, introducing myself to the world.

Facebook groups are a bit of a passion – I created Cheaper Living New Zealand back in 2012 and Keto New Zealand in 2016. The communities grew in a way that supported people to change their lives, a 24/7 safe space to connect, learn and find motivation. I’ve other groups too – Places where people can get that peer motivation to change their lives – Frugal Renovation and DIY NZ and Organised Chaos NZ

I’ve been living in the Chatham Islands since 2019 with my husband and 2 school aged kids. The question where are you from is a difficult one. I’ve moved frequently and my home has been my family but, the north of the South Island has many places which feel like I’m “at home”.  

The question of who I am is so much more complex. I am a wife and a somewhat stay-at-home mum. I’ve accomplished a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning in Early Childhood, Diploma of Professional Coaching and I am a Certified Facebook Community Manager.  In 2020, I was a Kiwibank Local Hero Semi-Finalist. I’ve done Facebook training, taught courses, and supported others in their businesses and lives. But, what I’ve done makes up little of who I am. 

We’ve overcome things as a family that we never expected to battled – A child born at 29 weeks, serious illness for our children, having my top rib removed and surgical injuries from that including a paralysed diaphragm. Yet disability isn’t something that I hang my hat on, it’s just a part of who I am and what I navigate in my daily life. 

I’m passionate for change, for community, to create ideas and strategies and figuring out solutions. I love technology, creating, inspiring and being inspired. 

It’s hard to write a summary for something that reads like a CV, but I think the best way to sum it up is by the byline on my personal Facebook page, “I am Hannah. Passionate. Raw. Real.

Ever me,

P.S. If you would like to work with me, reach out. I am super flexible and love to work on different projects to help you improve your life. Some of the things that I offer include life, business, Facebook groups and Keto coaching as well as virtual assistant services.