Mr Crackles

Mr Crackles

Mr Crackles is a local New Zealand hero, after growing up on a farm way down south his ginger-head of hair headed north to see what Aotearoa had too offer is number-8 fence wire spirt. Mr Crackles quickly found life between a few beers with the boys on a Saturday and a busy week gym routine during the week to keep fit – this required something tasty to snack on, high in protein and energy but low-carb.

It was just another Saturday morning down at the footy club when a small pack of delicious, hand-roasted pork crackle found its way around the picnic table, it was love at first bite and from then on Mr Crackles knew his purpose in life….  

To bring the protein-packed delicious-ness of pork crackle snacks directly into the lives of everyone bringing smiles as he goes. It is fabled that Mr Crackles has mended relationships, united sports teams and donated crackle to those in times of need.

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