Justines Cookies


Justine Muollo is a real food inventor.  It all started with an edible spoon that won the best grocery product in the world out of 27 Countries at the Sial D’or food show in Paris in 2002. 

Her inspiration for Justine’s Cookies came from very close to home. As someone with food intolerances & auto immunes disease ,  in 2005 , Justine who’s always been on a mission  to deliver  guilt free  & smarter snacking solutions  saw an opportunity to create  nutritious cookies & brownies  that were wheat & gluten free,  high  in protein, fibre & calcium  & that were also very low in carbs  with no added sugar  as  both obesity & diabetes  was on the rise & there was a real lack of  guilt free indulgent products on the market to cater to those  who  had allergies & wanted to enjoy  a treat. 

The award-winning entrepreneur set up Justine’s and spent 18 months developing The Protein Cookie & Brownie range . “I believe food is your medicine, and we want to empower our customers with smart snacking solutions”, as being intolerant to dairy and gluten & staying away from refined sugar herself was her motivator.

Justine was a finalist in the 2014 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur year of the awards  & Justine’s Won Deloitte Fast 50 award “Fastest growing manufacturer in 2013

Their Facebook page can be followed here: https://www.facebook.com/justinescookies/

For more information and to see where you can buy it, click the link below

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