Medical Conditions



If you have health conditions, it is important to check if Keto is right for you before starting.

These posts and articles below will support you to get the right information. 

It is incredibly important to seek the advice of your own doctor or specialist to see how appropriate it is for your individual medical history. 

Once you have joined our group Keto New Zealand, you will be able to access these links below by clicking them. There are many conditions that can be supported through keto either research wise or anecdotally. Likewise, there a few conditions in which keto should be avoided as well. 


If you are not living in New Zealand, searching google and Facebook groups is a fantastic way to learn more about your condition in relation to keto before seeing your doctor. 


Here’s a post with some amazing health benefits that people have found:


Blood Pressure:


Gallbladder and Gallstones:

Constipation or being blocked up:

Diarrhea or the runs:

Breastfeeding, Pregnant or Trying to Conceive:

Keto or Low Carb kids: 

Other Medical Conditions: Talk to your doctor/specialist, search Facebook groups for the condition,  google “your condition and keto” and do your own research.

It goes without saying, but we can not be held responsible for any actions you take as a result of this information. Please make sure you research using multiple sources and check with your doctor.