Keto – Pills and Supplements?

Keto Pills

When you search” keto” on the Internet, one of the things that often pops up is keto supplements such as pills, shakes and supplements. 

We’ve seen people lose over $1000 on these products either those scams or purchasing unnecessarily. In general, we recommend you skip these products entirely and focus on eating keto friendly foods that are high fat, moderate protein and very low carb instead. This article will help you understand more about why we recommend this.

If you choose to purchase them, it’s important to look at the active ingredients in the product you are looking at purchasing. Some of these contain nothing more than less than 1/10th of a teaspoon of MCT oil, where others contain more ingredients, but ingredients that aren’t proven to do anything. 

BHB Ketone Supplements 

Some of the well-known brands of these include Pruvit, KetoOS, Perfect Keto and Switch.

If you are doing keto for weight loss or general overall health, BHB ketones supplement are not something that we would advise using as they are expensive and have relatively minimal impact. This article explains more:

If you have a medical condition which can be improved through higher levels of ketones such as epilepsy, serious neurological conditions and some cancers, then it’d be worth looking at fasting, and ketone esters. Ketone esters are much more expensive, but the science is more promising for these: 


Keto tablets, pills or capsules aren’t proven to help you lose weight. This is specifically referring to pills that are labelled keto and don’t contain BHB. 

They are based on the idea of keto, but without eating in a way that helps you get into ketosis, they don’t do anything (and to be fair, they do minimal to nothing when eating keto too).

There are people in our Facebook group who’ve lost $1000+ through buying them. We strongly advise avoiding them and if you have brought them, watching your account closely and making sure to stop any future payments (by going and signing in on the website you brought them from if possible) and/or cancelling your card.

The BHB supplements which are predominantly drinks can be useful to help you with keto for medical reasons where high blood ketone levels are medically useful (or for intensive exercise for example). These aren’t needed for the average person doing keto for weight loss or general health though and are not particularly effective either. 

But, I want the benefits of Keto! 
If you want the benefits of keto, then the absolute best way to get them is to start dropping the carbs and eating keto friendly foods. Our getting started page will walk you through starting Keto!