Getting Started and Keto Meal Plans

You’ve heard about keto and seen an overwhelming amount of info… But you just want to get started. 

Here’s your How To Guide.

One  – First, you’ll want to read through the articles on this website. These set the stage for what keto is and how to do it. If you are in the group Keto New Zealand, you can read the same info and more in the Guides there. The photo shows you how to find Guides in a Facebook group. 

Then, have a look at a couple of free keto meal plans online or what people are sharing they are eating in the group. Here are a couple that are freely available. You don’t need to sign up with your email address or pay -These are all you need to start: 


HINT – Don’t buy keto supplements like “Keto pills” or “Keto electrolytes” other than the sodium, magnesium and potassium we suggest in the units post about keto flu. 🙂 They aren’t necessary, all but do nothing and in some cases, make ketosis even harder!



Then make a plan for what you’ll eat for the first few days, write out a shopping list and go get it 🙂 I find it easiest to literally draw a table on a piece of paper, Monday to Friday and breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack and write what I’ll have – Plus a list for ideas for next week. You’ll want to include a couple of supermarket treats or quick foods possibly too for the “oops, I forgot to get something and I’m hungry” moments.

Once you start, it comes together quite quickly and easily. ❤

What It Might Look Like

It can be worth starting with something like bacon and eggs for breakfast, salad with added fat and/or meat for lunch and for dinner, a meal you enjoy minus the carby foods (potatoes, rice, pasta, sweet sauces) and add low carb veges (broccoli, salad greens, cauliflower, spinach, asparagus etc). I particularly like to add a satisfying fat-based sauce too – keto cheese sauce, garlic butter, hollandaise sauce, even just butter!

The gallery at the bottom of this page gives an idea of meals you could eat when Keto. 

Printable Meal Planner?

FREE Printable meal planner to pop on your fridge or take with you.