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Hello and welcome to Blue Frog!
Here at Blue Frog, we’re nuts about breakfast, health and most of all, taste.
We are constantly innovating and discovering, ensuring we are always putting our best foot forward.
Probiotic granolas, the world’s first probiotic porridge, collagen, hemp, keto cereal – we do it all and nothing is off limits.
The best part?  We never compromise health for taste.
Meaning our cereals aren’t only good for you, they taste damn good too.
And we don’t stop at your bowl.
With a big focus on our people and environment, we have a commitment of Zero Waste to Landfill 2025 and a bunch of initiatives to look after our workers and wider community.
Because we understand that breakfast tastes better when it’s helping the planet too.
Ultimately, we like to think of ourselves as the perfect accompaniment to anyone’s day.
So whether you eat cereal for breakfast, lunch or dinner, we’re here to make sure every bowl is a little bit of magic.

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